About I.O.P.
S/Y EFAKI is a Mirage 28 built in 1977 by Thames Marine (UK) 


S/Y EFAKI is a member of the Piraeus Sailing Club (I.O.P.)



Piraeus Sailing Club - I.O.P (Istioploikos Omilos Pireos)

(Unfortunately the site of IOP is not updated regularly so that is why I have created and linked this page. The official URL of the Piraeus Sailing Club is: www.iop.gr )


(The above pictures are from IOP's annual GM report and are copyright of IOP) Left Picture: The club establishing rules and signs of initial members, Center and Right Pictures: The Club's premises in Microlimanon Piraeus.

One of the oldest Sailing Clubs in Greece, I.O.P. (Istioploikos Omilos Piraios – Piraeus Sailing Club) was formed in 1937. Eight friends with common love in sea and sailing made the decision to establish a Club, aiming at wide spreading sailing (both Olympic classes and offshore).  

Among eminent athletes of the Club there exist Olympic Games winners Odysseas Eskitziglou and Giorgos Zaimis (crew of the Dragon Boat of the ex Greek King Konstantinos, Gold Medal, Rome 1960) and Aris Rapanakis (Finn Boat, Bronze Medal, Moscow 1980). Amongst newer members is Aimilia Tsoulfa (who alongside with Sofia Mpekatorou) hold the World Cup Winner in 470 Boats for the last few years and won the Gold medal in the Athens 2004 Olympic Games. There are many other members with distinctions in Olympic Games, World, European, Mediterranean and National Cups and Championships.

Today, I.O.P. has more that 700 full members not including more than 100 younger athletes who concentrate in boat types like Optimist, 420, 470, 49er, Lighting, Soling, Laser, Finn, and Europe.   


Left Pic: Microlimano Port (Blue tents: I.O.P.), Center Pic.: Classroom, Right Pic.: Clubhouse

Offshore sailing is aimed mainly for older members who participate with their boats in the National Regattas and Cups held by the Hellenic Yachting Federation (i.e. the Greek Sailing National Authority). They also participate in the five yearly Regattas organized by the Club and included in the National Program by the H.Y.F., named after precious old athletes of the Club. These are the Cups: Steliou Vraila, Anastasiou Souli, Panou Sgourou, Savva Georgiou and the Saronos Cup (the ancient King, who’s Saronic Gulf is named after).

The Club also runs five times a year an Offshore School (of two months duration), which provides theoretical and practical training to new sailors at Introductory, Advanced and Racing levels.


The Club is located in Microlimanon Harbor, near the Piraeus Commercial Port. Microlimanon (which means small port) is the ancient port of Munichia where the Athenians had their facilities catering for the "triremes" fighting ships, one of the most successful boat design of the era.

You can visit a very informative site about Athenian triremes at: http://www.atm.ox.ac.uk/rowing/trireme/

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