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S/Y EFAKI is a Mirage 28 built in 1977 by Thames Marine (UK) 


S/Y EFAKI is a member of the Piraeus Sailing Club (I.O.P.)


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How to make a lifelines (beer) can holder:

Sailing in Greece during summer can be (is) very hot. A cold refreshment, a beer or a small bottle of water is always in first need. I have seen this "device" made by fellow sailors who want their drinks close by at cockpit but at the same moment they don't want them spilled everywhere. 

It is made from stainless steel wire or similar material. The shape is of a spring big enough to hold the can inside. Then the spring it's attached to a another wire that: in the bottom of the spring functions like a base to hold the can from dropping. In the top of the spring bents to come "inside" the spring to the center of gravity of the device so as to keep the can up right without spilling the contents. 

Take care to bent the wire in a distance enough to permit easily the can to enter - exit the spring. At last the toping edge of the wire is bent to a full circle so as to swing according the boat's angles but at the same time to prevent the device of going over the sides!! (Sorry that English is not my mother tongue to be more precise with these instructions).

This page was last updated April 15th 2003.