S/Y EFAKI is a Mirage 28 built in 1977 by Thames Marine (UK) 


S/Y EFAKI is a member of the Piraeus Sailing Club (I.O.P.)


Home Up

Before some years Defender made an appearance in the Alimos - Kalamaki marina before being transformed from a Racing Yacht to a charter vessel that simulates transoceanic regattas for paying guests. I was fortunate to get aboard Defender and sail her for taking pictures of the "Boating" Greek Yachting Magazine that I was working at the time. 

Here are some data regarding Defender that I found searching around the net:

British Defender is a high tech Whitbread Around The World Racing Maxi that was raced by the British Armed Services during the 1989/90 Around The World Race.

Features: Sloop Design, 83ft in length, built of carbon fibre, Race grinding winch towers, huge mast extending 115ft above the deck, heaps of deck space, over 6ft head room downstairs.

British Defender has turned heads since the day the yacht was named by the Duke of Edinburgh on London's Thames River.

Today she is still turning heads after a 3500 man hour refit during the 1st half of 2001, converting her into a purpose built Whitsunday  Charter Maxi yacht, complete with double and single berths, dining/lounge area and three showers and toilets. 

And here are the photos:




Sailing with Defender was an experience. This yacht created so much apparent wind to sail with at angles that you would thought impossible. If you have an opportunity to sail with such a yacht I would strongly recommend it. You could taste some sailing otherwise impossible with our average small boat. 

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