Elzevir II
S/Y EFAKI is a Mirage 28 built in 1977 by Thames Marine (UK) 


S/Y EFAKI is a member of the Piraeus Sailing Club (I.O.P.)


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Elzevir II

Recently I have had a few new pictures and some news from Bernard Picot regarding his Mirage 28 Elzevir:

Hi Manos,

I am back after one year without any news !!!! I can give you some updated information regarding my MIRAGE 28 : I though I gave you the name last year when we were in contact but for sure not because I have seen that it’s still named “unkown yet” on your site. In fact, after a lot of hesitation, I have decided to keep the original name of the boat witch is “ELZEVIR II”. It doesn’t represents anything for me, but I am a little bit superstitious and I have preferred to not renamed my boat .

I have made some modifications and retrofit on this boat last year before we sailed. I attached some new pictures. Of course we discovered some repairs to perform before we were able to sail and some extra cost have been needed in addition to original forcast

The boat has not sailed for several years but it has been well recovered because we share the boat alternatively with my 2 children and their girl friend during 8 weeks : the boat sailed 450 miles and sometimes with very hard conditions at the limit of the capability of the boat due to my poor experience (6 to 7 beaufort and in harbour while 9 beaufort and above). We sailed in Corsica and it was paradisiacal. Of course you can imagine that after a such “wake up” I had to invest this winter in a new main sale (completely destroyed the last 2 days due to 7 beaufort) and a retrofit of the clutch. Hopefully we were lucky to not have more problems during our long trip. One the weak point of the boat is the engine as it is the original Yanmar 8 HP. To join Corsica and to come back we sailed in a very quiet slot without any wind and the time needed with engine only was 34 consecutive hours. I was a little bit anxious to kill the engine as it is 30 years old but nothing happened but I am convinced I have been right to decide to limit the boat speed to 3 miles/hour !!!. The advantage was that the sea was so quiet that we had time to observe the “daulphins”  swimming all around the boat.

During the winter the boat was stored out of water. Last week end we spend a week end to make some small repairs to be able to sail this summer. I have not decided were to go but I would like to sail again in Corsica or Sardaigne but I am afraid with the wind …. Perhaps we will go instead in costa brava in spane or in Baleares island.

Best regards,

Bernard Picot

Last Update: 28 November 2007

Bernard Picot contacted me a few days ago asking a few questions about Mirage 28s since he was seriously considering buying one. Finally after checking the boat (and not because of my remarks!) he bought the Mirage but I don't know yet the name. Although built in 1976 and already 30 years old his Mirage is in immaculate condition possibly because of only one owner when bought new. The boat has her original equipment and documentation, the later that I hope soon Bernard will have the chance to share through this site.


The boat was not sailed the last few years because the original owner at 84 years old couldn't sail single-handed anymore as Bernard told me.

I hope to hear more from Bernard about his new (old) boat soon.


This page was last updated March 28th 2006.