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S/Y EFAKI is a Mirage 28 built in 1977 by Thames Marine (UK) 


S/Y EFAKI is a member of the Piraeus Sailing Club (I.O.P.)


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When I bought "EFAKI" there were not aboard, Workshop Manuals of the Diesel Engine. A photocopy was offered to me by a fellow Mirage 28 owner at a later time.

The story repeats itself when I bought the (reconditioned) new engine currently installed in EFAKI, as again there were not manuals along with the engine. The workshop manual and parts list was offered to me by the British Subsidiary of Kubota Engines and not by the Greek importer.

As a result I encourage very much the sharing of such available resources and in the Links Page  you may find a site that collects and shares such manuals.

In this page you will find scanned:

Yanmar YSE 8 Diesel Engine (suitable also for YSE 12 Diesel Engine)

Workshop Manual

Yanmar YSE8 Manual Zip 1 size 449kb

Yanmar YSE8 Manual Zip 2 size 646kb

Yanmar YSE8 Manual Zip 3 size 565kb

Yanmar YSE8 Manual Zip 4 size 551kb

Yanmar YSE8 Manual Zip 5 size 379kb

Parts List

Yanmar YSE Parts List Zip 1 size 448k

Yanmar YSE Parts List Zip 2 size 454kb

Yanmar YSE Parts List Zip 3 size 643kb

Yanmar YSE Parts List Zip 4 size 566kb

Yanmar YSE Parts List Zip 5 size 580kb

Yanmar YSE Parts List Zip 6 size 517kb

Yanmar YSE Parts List Zip 7 size 218kb

*Please Note: Blank pages intentionally left unscaned. The Yanmar Manual is scanned from a photocopy and so the quality is not perfect.

You can find all the above in a compact pdf in the site:  

Kubota D-950 B Diesel Engine

With the help of John Afentras who scanned both the workshop manual and the parts list I created three pdfs as described below. The workshop manual is appropriate for the for the following engine types: Z-500-B, Z-600-B, ZH-600-B, D-750-B, D-850-B, DH-850-B, D-950-B, V-1100-B, VH-1100-B and V-1200-B. The parts list is suitable for the D-950-B but possibly could help if a specific one for the above engines can not be found elsewhere. 

Workshop Manual

Part 1, Data, Description, Mechanism            Size:3.24 MB

Part 2, Assembly, Disassembly, Servicing    Size: 5.22 MB

Parts List

Part 3, Parts List for D-950-B                           Size: 6.69 MB

Please Note: The size of the files is enormous as they are scanned in high quality so as to be printable. So please save them rather than trying to load and open them. Please note also that as the workshop manual was in three languages I have only provided the English ones, so there is not a continuity in the page numbering.

PRM80D2 (2-1 ratio) Gear Box (dispatched from Newage 20/1/2000)

Installation Data size 80kb

Parts List            size 245kb

Yanmar 3GM30F Diesel Engine

Click here to download a pdf for the Maintenance of Yanmar Gm Series Engines. 

Sorry I cannot provide the workshop manual. It is huge and it is still sold by Yanmar distributors. There are also third party publications available. I bought two of them but can't recommend them more that the manufacturer's workshop manual that is very well organized and presented.

Yamaha Malta Outboard

Click here to download a user's manual for the Malta.

Blank and no specific to the Malta model pages have been omitted.


This page was last updated October 7th 2005.