Lands End
S/Y EFAKI is a Mirage 28 built in 1977 by Thames Marine (UK) 


S/Y EFAKI is a member of the Piraeus Sailing Club (I.O.P.)


Home Up

Peter Rowanoski is the only German member of the Snapdragon & Mirage Association and recently he sent me an article he wrote about his new Mirage 28 and the first sailtrips he had with her. I'm glad to present it here, so here it is:

"Last year we became owners of a Mirage 28 Mk 2, built in 1980. The boat was in general in a good condition, but the colour of the hull was a bit rotten and the lining of the saloon and the focísle was even worse. But it did for the first season to get used to the boat.

The boat was Ė and is - moored in the Baltic in a small marina in Kirchdorf on the island Poel north of Wismar . We had a superb summer concerning the temperatures, a bad one concerning the smell of diesel gas leaving the exhaust. But it was a good time for my wife Nicolette, who is a greenhorn in sailing to get used to living aboard and learning how to manoeuvre. And I must say Ė she did very well. All in all it was, as usual,  to short a season and in the end of September the boat went into winterís sleep, disturbed only by two workers of the local wharf who replaced the original interior lining. And they made a very good and professional job. It looks as good as new.

We decided to repaint the complete hull and after I got some useful information from Vin Senatore and Mike Shepherd I started prepairing the old colour in the end of March. My friend Reinhart Lux and I needed one weekend to do that, another to applicate the new paint: Royal Blue. After that the boat got itís new name: Landís End .

After that was done, Landís End looked ten years younger. Itís moored again since 30th of April and we are looking forward to the new season with a bit more and steadier winds (hopefully).

In the meantime me and my wife were in SouthendĖon-Sea to visit my wifeís parents and met Vin Senatore, whom weíd like to thank for a lovely afternoon on Canvey Island and a very interesting visit at his local sailing club.  The deal was a pint of Guiness for a report about my new old Mirage and Iím glad to keep my promise.

A week ago I sailed in gale force 5 to 6 in the inner parts of the Bay of Wismar (that means without waves) and Landís End did 6.4 knots at the GPS with only the Genoa I set. It seems to be a reliable little boat and my confidence in her is growing".

Peter Rosanowski


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