Launching 2003
S/Y EFAKI is a Mirage 28 built in 1977 by Thames Marine (UK) 


S/Y EFAKI is a member of the Piraeus Sailing Club (I.O.P.)


Home Up

On September 16th 2003 we launched Efaki following an engine change and applying new antifouling of which you may read in the Haul out 2003 page. Here is the process:



Following the antifouling of last night (September 15th 2003) I had to remove the tape that safeguard the waterline of been painted over. The antifouling I use in order to maintain it's capabilities has to be applied no longer than 12 hours before the boat hits the water. The antifouling is a local brand (Syntex) which is considered quite effective and the red is more strong (powerful) than the other colors.

When all other preparations were completed the mobile crane and the trailer came near Efaki. The crane straps were positioned on the appropriate places and Efaki was lifted. For a moment I feared that we might have a problem since a fellow boat owner that helped us with the lifting of Efaki, mistakenly placed the forward strap on the port side over the attaching plate of the boat stand. So when Efaki was lifted, the adjusting screw of the boat stand came up with Efaki and can be seen in the right picture above. There was nothing we could do at the moment since lowering Efaki on the boat stand was simply not possible without jeopardizing a possible damage. So we continued with the lifting and placing on the trailer. 


When Efaki was placed on the trailer and the crane straps were released of the weight, the adjusting screw of the boat stand fell on the ground and revealed no damage on Efaki. 


Then we removed the crane straps and then I antifouled the patches that Efaki was touching the boat stand. Also the down side of the keel that was very close to the ground to be scrubbed and antifouled was taken care off. 


Then the journey of Efaki to the dockside crane began. A distance of about a kilometer and a scary thing to observe although it is an every day process in most marinas in Greece.


The trailer was towed by a powerful Mercedes Unimog loaded with concrete weights in the carrier place.

After this ride we were near the dockside crane which lifted Efaki once again this morning so as to place her on the water. Similar set up. Two crane straps in front and after the keel. 

The turning of Efaki over the trailer to the sea was guided by two ropes tied on the bow and the stern.


This is the final stage of the process. Touching the sea at last.

Following the "splash" and before the crane straps were removed, a thorough check for leaks on the sea cocks and other through hull fittings is a must. Only after verifying that there are not leaks the crane straps are removed. 

Then my engine mechanic boarded Efaki to fire up the new engine for the first time aboard her. The engine started immediately without hesitation and the only problem was that the engine remote control lever cables was placed in reverse. The cables then were positioned on their right places and we left for the first test sail. Two things were immediately apparent.  First that a new propeller is needed. We had decided to play our chances and see if the propeller of the previous engine was adequate which apparently is not and so I'm about to order a bigger one with the appropriate pitch in the near future. Second, that the alternator is not producing any current. Possibly was damaged when the mechanic performed tests on his workshop by running the engine without wiring the alternator to a battery. The alternator will be replaced by a new one possibly today. During the test sail we achieved speeds up to 5.8 knots (by GPS) without pressing too hard the engine since the tachometer is not installed yet. It was brought to me today and will be wired the next few days.


On the left picture is me while leaving Alimos Marina for Microlimanon. On the right picture is my best friend Takis who took most of these pictures and was a valuable helping hand during the process. Here he asked me to take a picture of him pretending to smoke my pipe (yeah I'm a smoker so give me a break, I enjoy it too much).

Here we are in Microlimanon in the permanent berthing place of Efaki at the Piraeus Sailing Club. The floating pontoons you see in the pictures will be removed the next days as they were temporarily installed only for the World Sailing Championship of disabled persons that was organized by my club with success. 

This page was last updated September 17th 2003.