S/Y EFAKI is a Mirage 28 built in 1977 by Thames Marine (UK) 


S/Y EFAKI is a member of the Piraeus Sailing Club (I.O.P.)


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This is a mail I received on October 10th 2008:


During a recent visit to Leros, Mike (Mihallis Tahliambouris) showed me your web site.  We wrote the following to send to you:-

AVOCET was purchased in 1989 when YCA became Sun Sail selling flotilla boats from Lavrion, Greece.  It was renamed LIMNI.

LIMNI cruised the Greek Islands and the South East Turkish coast.  In 2001 LIMNI returned to Greek waters and the island of Leros became its base.

Mihallis Tahliambouris became the new (loving) owner in 2004.  He upgraded the engine from a Yanmar 9hp to a Yanmar 21hp and transformed LIMNI from a cruising yacht to a racing yacht - working on the interior and exterior.

In 2006 LIMNI started entering regattas (The Aegean Regatta and The Rhodes Cup) and has won many cups in the last three years - proving that a Mirage 28 is a yacht to be reckoned with. 

Mike Lake and I, bought Limni in 1989 and are very proud of its recent performance.  Hope this is of interest to you.  I can send you Mike's telephone numbers in Leros if you wish.


Kind regards

Nicola Millington


It was very nice to hear all this Nicola, thanks for your Email. I hope someday to meet Mike in person.

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