Mast & Rigging
S/Y EFAKI is a Mirage 28 built in 1977 by Thames Marine (UK) 


S/Y EFAKI is a member of the Piraeus Sailing Club (I.O.P.)


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In this Page Mast and Rigging topics will be discussed. 

Efaki has a masthead rigging with a Rotostay furling gear on Genoa and a classic slab reefing system in the main. When I bought the boat there were only two external halyards on the mast that I doubled as I made holes on the mast and took the halyards inside. There were no spinnaker pole aboard Efaki (which I constructed myself to the exact length of the J of the boat so as not to have a penalty in the measurement system) although there was a spinnaker track installed on the mast and also a block for the toping lift of the spinnaker pole. The back stay was permanent which I changed to adjustable by cutting about a meter of it's length and by putting a system of purchasing blocks 2 :1 (that has to be renewed to be more useable). The Genoa halyard is installed on the furling mechanism and so it is not user friendly or easily adjustable. I plan to change in the future the complete furling system with a newer one as anyway it shows signs of corrosion due to electrolysis that the boat has suffered in the past as there were no anodes or grounding at all.  

May 15th 2003

Following a tip from the Snapdragon and Mirage Association's journal, I changed the bolts that secure the mast base on the coach roof with eye bolts that may facilitate in the future mounting of permanent or temporary blocks etc.


March 28th 2005

This weekend I had at last the opportunity to go up the mast and make some measurements. Many clarifications have to be made and will be in a next opportunity (as in these measurements the rigging screws length has been included in the total length of most shrouds) but the standing rigging has the following dimensions:

Total Mast height: 9,77 meters.

Forestay: 10,12 meters (to the up side of the drum of the Rotostay furling gear).

Backstay: 9,89 meters (to the shackle of the tensioning gear as shown in picture).

Baby Stay: 5,48 meters (to deck).

Spreader height: 4,93 meters.

Spreader length: 0,92 meters (each - from mast to inside of upper shroud) 

Upper shroud: 4,60 meters (from pin of mast to spreader) + 5,46 (meters from spreader to deck). 

Lower shroud: 5,37 meters (from pin to deck).


These are the measurements of an older (2002) ORC certificate. 

This page was last updated on: March 28th 2005.