New Upholstery
S/Y EFAKI is a Mirage 28 built in 1977 by Thames Marine (UK) 


S/Y EFAKI is a member of the Piraeus Sailing Club (I.O.P.)


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(Day 1: June 11th 2003)

As already mentioned in the What's New Page, I decided to use Armaflex as bating/insulation under the new upholstery. This comes on a role with width 1,5m and length cut to your needs. I approximately need 20m2 of bating and upholstery so I bought 15 running meters of Armaflex and 19 meters of upholstery (so as to be left with some for future repairs, new cushions etc to be the same color and not a just "near" color). The color of the upholstery is ice white so as to help enlighten the cabins of Efaki. 


This is the role of Armaflex.

The first thing to install the Armaflex was to cut it in suitable pieces. We started we the easy long vertical surfaces of the front cabin so as to get to know the staff and also to experiment with the timing of the adhesive which needs to be applied to both the surfaces to be glued and then left for about 20 minutes to cure before actually sticking the parts together.

On the left is the front cabin of Efaki where the Armaflex (and then the upholstery) will be glued. On the right is the first piece of Armaflex cut to suite the space to be glued. There is a long stripe of wood in the middle as you may notice that is used to screw on a cosmetic stripe of wood above the upholstery.

In the left picture you may see the adhesive been applied to both the surfaces to be glued together, while on the right picture you may see the job done. The adhesive that was finally used is the Neostick 588 by Henkel that is a petrol-based adhesive. Initially I had been given a "magnetic" adhesive, the  Thomsit 4014 again by Henkel because I was afraid of the strong smell of petrol in a enclosed space. I had some fears though that this adhesive was not suitable for my application, fears that were proven true after calling Henkel. They suggested the Neostick 588 and I'm impressed with how strong it is and also for how it doesn't smell after application. Nothing to do with the smell of other petrol-based adhesives.  

With the valuable help of my parents the first day (June 11th 2003) we completed the lower and bigger surfaces of the front cabin while we prepared the pieces of Armaflex for the upper part which is very curved and so very difficult. These pieces were intentionally cut a little bigger than needed so as to be trimmed with a blade knife when glued. The thing here is to have as smooth surfaces as possible so as the upholstery to look (and feel) nice.

More to come.

(Day 2: June 12th 2003)

The installation of the Armaflex continues. We did manage to complete the front cabin and here are the pictures:


Ok, on the pictures it doesn't look as smooth as it really is. The small gaps between the pieces of glued Armaflex are filled with stripes of the leftovers. That results in a smooth finish that feels very nice when it is touched. When later the upholstery will be installed the trim will be finer so as to have a (cosmetically) nice outcome. The endings of the various screws on the coach roof (like handholds, fittings, etc) are no longer than 5 mm and if more then they are cut to this max length so as to fit inside the Armaflex.

More to come.

(Days 3 to 6, June 16th 2003)

These days the installation of the Armaflex was completed. By far the most difficult part was the port side settee (known to us as tomb because it is so enclosed and dark) as it has awkward shapes.


On the down left side of the picture you may notice the opening piece of the bulkhead to give access to the engine room. On the far left end you may notice the intrusion of the gas locker. The later is on deck, it is self-contained and it has it's own dedicated drainage. 

Yesterday (June 16th 2003) we (me and my father) installed the first two pieces of the upholstery in the front cabin. The glue dries too soon on the cloth and so fast moving is required. At the same point extra care is needed since the cloth is so thin so as to glued it in it's space first attempt since if a pull out is needed there is the danger of tearing apart the cloth or destroying the Armaflex bellow it. I'll post some pictures tomorrow about how the staff goes.

More to come.

(Day 7, June 17th 2003)

The front cabin was completed and the result is nice although a pro would certainly have made it better. But the outcome is nice and I'm satisfied with it. As usual with these thinks it looks better in reality than in pictures below:

The process has been described: apply glue in both parts to be joined, wait for the glue to dry a bit and then attach.

Today (June 18th 2003) we'll start with the upholstery in the main cabin.

More to come.

(Day 8, June 18th, 2003)

Half of the main cabin is completed. Today we'll finish with the main cabin and probably begin with the port side settee (the tomb remember...?)

On the left picture is the piece of upholstery intended for the roof top of the main cabin just been cut from the role. In the right picture applying glue in the roof. We start on the borders of the area to be glued and then fill up all the space.

As you may see yesterday (June 18th 2003) we installed the roof and the left side (ok the port side) of the main cabin. Today we'll continue with the right side (sorry the starboard side) and we may even start with the tomb as already mentioned. Not shown here are wood trims to be installed in all "corners" of the upholstery like the edges glued on the bulkheads, and in joining points. The pictures are taken with flash since we work every afternoon from 6 pm until it gets dark. It's very hot to work earlier not to mention that I can't get away my job even on time!!

More to come.

(Day 9, June 19th 2003)

Well the main cabin is ready (with the exception of the tomb) and many of the wood trims have been installed so Efaki has started to look like a boat again and not a construction area...

Today (June 20th 2003) we are going to finish the installation of the upholstery, clean up and start preparing the boat for the first test sail (probably Saturday or Sunday).