What's New 2002
S/Y EFAKI is a Mirage 28 built in 1977 by Thames Marine (UK) 


S/Y EFAKI is a member of the Piraeus Sailing Club (I.O.P.)


Home Up

This is a Maintenance log which I started February 2002 while creating the first version of this site. 

Weekend 2-3/2/02

The interior of the boat was striped. Plan is to renew every rusted bit under the wall carpets (upholstery) to be renewed and installed at a later stage. The side windows will be taken out and all attaching screws will be renewed with stainless steel ones, after applying vulkem to prevent future leaks. Stanchions (and their bases) will be renewed also.

 Weekend 23-24/2/02

The boat was lifted ashore to the Alimos Marina (Kalamaki). The mast was lowered and as above mentioned all stanchions were removed along with the mast base. The ruder was also removed to be inspected. The overall condition of the boat is good and thanks to the anti-osmosis treatment done in the past there is no sign of osmosis although that the boat spent the last two years in the water and is now 25 years old.

 Weekdays 1-5/3/02

The bottom of the boat is ready and waiting for the antifouling which will be applied the last 24 hours before “Efaki” is lifted back to sea. Two water valves were renewed, an anemometer (Raymarine St 40 cost 390 Euros) and a tricolor light (Lalizas cost 80 Euros)  installed up the mast. Now I wait for the ertalon ring for the ruder axis to be manufactured and for the polishing of the boat sides to be completed. The boat will return to sea probably on March 7th. The “outside” works are near to completion. The “inside” works which are the most demanding are not yet started.

 Thursday 7 March 2002

The boat is back afloat. The process (you may see the photographs here) was straight forward. The boat was lifted and positioned on a trailer. The keel and the points that the boat was touching the ground base (cradle) were antifouled. Then the boat was transferred to the sea crane and after positioning of the rudder it was lifted to sea. Then the mast was positioned too and after a relevant checking of all the systems, we sailed for the permanent mooring in Piraeus Sailing Club (IOP) in Microlimanon a distance of 3,5 miles.

Hauling out (2002) cost  (Prices in Euro)

Hauling out






Hauling in



Mast down and up



Port Police






 Weekdays 25-29 March 2002

The boat since I bought it had no groundings. So ground wires have been deployed in the full length of the boat and now every metallic part of the boat is to be connected together. The wire is going to a zinc. A zinc to the propeller had been installed last year with the new engine, shaft and propeller. This one has been renewed. This week I finally found stanchions and bases that match in size with the old ones. The main reason I was looking for something similar is because I don't want to make new holes on deck. Believe me since the old bases was 25 years old (minimum) it was not easy at all to find similar dimensions. Those that I finally found have no holes for the stanchion securing pin so I have to drill it my self. The old stanchion bases where not grounded but these ones will be.

Among other things new piping is installed in the heads, the wires of the new tricolor light and anemometer up the mast have been installed as long as new wiring for the motoring mast light and the deck light.

I just paid also for the new ORC measurement certificate. Cost 88 Euro.


Weekend 30-31/3/2002

The new Stanchion bases were placed on deck. The stanchions were placed also to take measurements for the new lifelines and later removed so as to get them to a specialist. Cost of new stanchions and bases 170 Euros. They will be back on place probably later this week. This weekend I finished the wiring of the mast. The motoring light wire was renewed and a deck light installed up the mast. At last this weekend every metallic part of the boat was grounded to a zinc. Now on I hope that I 'll stop having problems with electrolysis. The reason of severe electrolysis in Microlimanon was revealed by a fellow member of the Piraeus Sailing Club. The sea bottom is full of old boat batteries thrown away by their respective owners. I'm thinking of suing them but.... This exact fellow suffers of extensive electrolysis in his max prop that will cost him about 1400 Euros.

Weekends Of April And May

Well I have not being productive lately. Due to bad weather, health problems and preparations for the Christening of my daughter not much have been done. Although, I completed the striping of the inside of the boat, especially the remains of the old upholstery. This was a quite frustrating job and completed only by means of natural brutal force and the use of two scrapers. Visit the striping page to read about it.

August 2002

During June and July due to extensive heat not much work have been done. During August that temperature fell a little usually every second afternoon I was aboard doing little things. I completed the stripping of the remains of glue and upholstery with the help of a new tool. The Bosch electric scrapper that is amazing. I can't imagine how I didn't know about this tool but since I bought it has made my life a lot easier. It will be used extensively in the next haul out. 

Other things include the renewing of the life lines in the new stanchions, a new wiring diagram well thought and ready to be installed, and ....(to be completed).

October 22nd 2002: 

The site joined Maintenance and Cruising Yachts Site rings. Also joined a statistics site.

November 4th 2002:

The first feedback from the site's visitors was received. A Dutchman asked details for the boat type since he is considering buying one in Holland. A Greek with a Mirage 28 phoned me to discuss details of our boats.

November 6th 2002: 

Cruising, Miscellaneous and News Pages (this Page) added to site. Links Page was updated with a link to Mirage 27 "Indalo". The first site about other Mirage Boat I was able to find.

November 11th 2002:

I received a message from Ton and Thea from Holland who have "Thuella", a Mirage 28 built in 1977. She is double keeled and they are her proud owners since new. They offered me advice about where to look for a hull number (in the gas bottle compartment) and they may help gathering some literature about the boat type. Thank you.

November 14th 2002:

I have almost become an "armchair" sailor since I haven't done much lately to the boat but as always I have good excuses. Anyway, today I added the photographs of "Pelican" in "Other Mirages" page to be found under the "For Mirage Owners" page. I also added the photographs of an "Air Lift" rescue procedure under the "Miscellaneous" page.

November 19th 2002:

Had to leave  the Boat Maintenance Ring since it was creating problems both to the site and the ring. Something wrong with their html code. Just came back from a trip to Volos where I saw another Mirage 28 but unfortunately without name details on the bow. I'll post some pictures as soon as they are developed and scanned.

November 20th 2002:

Austrian Thomas Billicsich, the owner of the Mirage 28 "EOS", contacted me. The Boat was bought from his father in England who sailed to the Med. The boat currently is located in Trieste  and is for sale because Thomas unfortunately has not any longer the chance to sail often. In case you may be interested please contact me so as to provide you Thomas' Email.

November 22nd 2002:

Added a weather banner on the Home Page for Athens Greece.

December 2nd 2002:

Added under the Other Mirages page, photographs of "EOS", Thomas Billicsich's Mirage 28.

December 26th 2002:

George a good friend, made spelling, syntax and other corrections to the main pages of this site. Thanks George. English is not my mother tongue and so mistakes are unfortunately unavoidable. If you see something that is wrong please report it to me.