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S/Y EFAKI is a Mirage 28 built in 1977 by Thames Marine (UK) 


S/Y EFAKI is a member of the Piraeus Sailing Club (I.O.P.)


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December 19th 2003:

Lately I have not been able to update often this site although I have had at least two contacts of owners of Mirage or Snapdragon boats. Also I lost my digital camera and until I buy a new one I'm not able to post photographs. Hopefully during Christmas I'll have the chance to reorganize the site so as to be more useful to visitors. Until then, Best wishes for Christmas and a happy new year.

November 6th 2003:

It is a month since my last update but I had nothing major to write about and also I lost my digital camera (so I have to buy a new one so as) to describe those little tasks. Anyway apart from a few very sunny days in October the winter comes and so day-by-day the activities will be limited. These days also a major career change took place in my life and so my energy is focused on my new job. I had the chance to meet a fellow Mirage owner who keeps his boat at Patras. He has his Mirage for 20 years and it is quite interesting that we found common things (mainly problems) to discuss about our boats. His Mirage also doesn't have a hull number.

October 6th 2003:

No much activity these days. I have a very busy schedule at work. Although, we did manage to get out for a  sail yesterday Sunday October 5th 2003 but I forgot to take along my camera for pictures so please be patient until next time. I have created a new page for the Mirage 28 "Typhoon" located at my club the Piraeus Sailing Club under the Other Mirages page.

September 24th 2003:

A new page regarding the Mirage 28 Ilis was created under the Other Mirages page. The wiring of the new engine is completed now that I wired the tachometer too.

These photos are during testing of wiring. This tachometer works by sensing the teeth of the flywheel with a sensor installed on the housing of the clutch (reverse gear). It needs power feeding too that it takes from the engine switch. Now I have to enlarge the hole in the companionway where the previous one was installed and place it there. Other little things to do is on the list for today's chores as cleaning, tidying up and removing tools and things no longer needed on board. Possibly tomorrow I'll go sailing again.

September 17th 2003:

We launched Efaki yesterday September 16th 2003. Almost everything worked out well. You can read about the process in a new page: Launching 2003.

September 15th 2003:

The engine is to be finally installed today. If I manage to complete the wiring, then tomorrow Efaki will be on the water. Read more about the process in the Haul Out 2003 page.

September 9th 2003:

I went yesterday to check on Efaki. There were no progress during the weekend since I was away for the christening of the son of my wife's brother. I took some more pictures for the stands I plan to construct in the future and created a new page for my personal reference. Today I'll buy all the bits and pieces to construct the instrument panel of the engine. More about it you can read in the Haul out 2003 page.

September 5th 2003:

A new page regarding the re-engine and describing generally the Haul out 2003 can be found here: Haul out 2003. Finally I bought a new digital camera and so I'll post photographs more often. 

September 1st 2003:

On Saturday August 30th 2003 I removed the old engine (Kubota D-950-b) from the engine room. Off they went also the wiring loom and the engine mounts. The engine now lies on the cabin sole ready to be craned out when the new engine a Yanmar 3Gm30F comes aboard. Today and tomorrow I'll clean the bilges of the engine room and paint them so as to be ready for the installation of the new engine.

Something that troubles me is the propeller pitch. My mechanic insists that the current propeller is proper for the new engine although the difference in horsepower. I think not and so I'm planning to take the propeller to a specialist along with the performance curves of the engine, the reduction gear (clutch) and the boat characteristics to solve my dilemma. More to follow on this topic.

Regarding the engine chance I have also to arrange for an inspection from the Mercantile Marine Ministry so as to change the Protocol of General inspection. Among others, the examiners need to see the shaft so as to inspect it for damage at the point that exits the boat and this must be done before the actual installation of the engine since otherwise will not be possible. The rudder skeg prevents the shaft from been pulled out and so it must be inspected before installed from the inside on the boat.

(Sorry that there are no pictures. I have to buy a new camera and that will take some time).

 August 29th 2003:

This morning I took Efaki on land for the engine replacement (and new antifouling by the way). I went to the Alimos Marina where I 'll pay 10,6 Euros per day. The crane out cost me 129 Euro and another 17,30 for the Marina fee and 0,88 Euro for the haul out permit by the coast guard. I paid another 30 Euros for the water pressure wash of the hull so as to be ready for scrubbing (removing of the layers of old antifouling).  Probably tomorrow I'll remove the old engine and clean and prepare the engine room for the installation of the new engine. Unfortunately the weather this weekend will be very hot (in the 40s degrees Celsius) and so I'm prepared for slow progress this weekend.

August 27th 2003:

I'm negotiating final details about bringing Efaki ashore for the removal of the old engine and the installation of the new one. Efaki will come out probably in the Alimos (Kalamaki) Marina.

I created a new page under the Other Mirages page for the Mirage 37 boat type. I have never had seen one and so when I found on the net some pictures I copied them and created a page for reference on the boat type. You can see here how a Mirage 37 looks like: Mirage 37.

August 21st 2003:

I had news from Bob Jones regarding his "Harrier". It seams that she is a MK II Mirage model and thus the differences in the cockpit layout and the mast between Efaki and Harrier. The technical officer of the Snapdragon and Mirage Association that Bob talked with, while in England, verified this.

Regarding the engine that I'm about to install on Efaki, my mechanic decided that I would be better with a new injection pump and he replaced it. More tests are to be carried out before installing on Efaki since the agreement with my mechanic is that every time the new engine "coughs" he 'll have to check it out and if a problem is discovered on the engine he 'll have to replace it at his cost. Since he probably wants me satisfied and probably also himself relaxed, he is trying to make the overhaul recondition of the engine a piece of art. Apart from this, he is also rebuilding the reverse gear mechanism (clutch).

Today I'll move Efaki from her permanent mooring in Microlimanon to the nearby Marina of Zea (Pasalimani). The reason is that from 1st to 10th of September my club -the Piraeus Sailing Club - organizes the world championship of sailing for disabled persons. To help those magnificent sailors, all the boats of the club will be moved to other nearby clubs and marinas so as to install temporary floating pontoons that will facilitate boarding of the athletes to their dinghies.

Left picture: The left port is the Zea Marina where Efaki will be temporarily berthed on the breakwater near the green light (right side of the entrance to the port). Microlimanon is the port on the right. Right picture: This is Microlimanon (at least the part of it where the Piraeus Sailing Club is located). Efaki is berthed near the sleep for the dinghies (at the upper corner of the white roof shown on this picture). Under the blue tends are the restaurant and the offices of the club. The building with the white roof is the classroom for the offshore schools and the dinghy racing schools of the club. All the boats berthed on the club will move out today to open space for the floating pontoons that will be installed to facilitate boarding to the dinghies of the disabled sailors.

August 18th 2003:

Today my mechanic completed the assembly of the reconditioned Efaki's new engine a Yanmar 3GM30F. Together with my mechanic we started the engine and inspected it running. Everything seams to be in order except the adjustment of the fuel injection pump that creates some smoke when you "play" accelerating. This will be inspected and trimmed the next days along with the overall inspection of the reverse gear mechanism. I'm very satisfied both with my mechanic and the engine.  

August 14th 2003:

I had the chance to meet with Bob Jones the fellow Mirage owner. Bob keeps his Mirage 28 "Harrier" in Alonissos where he has a villa. Bob had made contact with me by Email after reading a letter I had sent to the journal of the Snapdragon and Mirage Association. Before his departure for England we had the time to go for lunch and discuss our boats. When we stepped aboard Efaki, Bob told me about some cockpit layout differences of our boats although his Harrier is also a MK 1 Mirage 28 built in 1978 (a year after my Efaki). We discussed the necessity of a bimini that we both agree must be the next thing installed on our boats since the sun is very hot here in Greece. Bob is thinking also of replacing his original Yanmar YSE 8 (8Hp) after I told him about my troubles and the final decision to replace once again the engine on Efaki. It was very nice meeting Bob and probably we'll have the chance to meet again since he comes often to Greece.

August 12th 2003:

The Engine will be replaced. That is the final decision after more problems found after the initial rebuilding of the gasket head and the replacement of the valves, springs etc at a cost of 466 Euros of my Kubota D-950-B engine. My mechanic bought a used Yanmar 3GM30F engine, which delivers 27Hp. Together with my mechanic we opened the engine to pieces and discovered that it is in a good initial condition for the rebuilding. I have asked the mechanic to let me be near him when he starts putting it up together so as to learn things about this engine but also so as to observe that everything is getting together so as to have a "new" engine installed. The cost is high for the new engine and will be partly reduced by a part exchange of my old engine that will be reconditioned and sold by the mechanic. The decision factors were two: first, since Efaki is an old boat that by time will present new problems, I have to eliminate these as soon as possible so as not to be worried again but only with the occasional new ones. Second reason is that the Yanmar engine I'm about to install is a marine engine and not a marinised one, with good reputation, thousands build and still in production with parts and service available worldwide.

As the engine is still in pieces I look around for more info and documentation and try to organize the step-by-step procedures to take place during repowering Efaki. I have to see if modifications are needed to the engine beds, if the coupler to the shaft needs replacing along with the propeller and another million little things that make an installation good or bad. In a few days as things take shape I'll post details. So stay tuned as a major task on Efaki is about to take place.

August 6th2003:

I added some more pictures to the Cruising Logs 2003 page of our summer vacation. Regarding the engine I decided over a rebuilt. I expect the cost estimation these days since the valves and their springs need replacing, a new flange must be fitted and I'm sure something more will come up. These days I talk to another mirage 28 owner. Bob Jones keeps his mirage 28 "Harrier" on the island of Alonissos. He comes every summer in Greece and sails in the Sporades Islands in the North Aegean. This year his engine starter motor died. Luckily I had kept a few parts of the old engine of Efaki -among them the starter motor- that suited him and sent them to him yesterday. I hope he gets them soon so as to have the chance to sail a few more times before his departure back to his home in England. 

July 25th 2003:

I added the description of our summer vacation in the Cruising Logs 2003 page. On a different note, my mechanic while trying to repair the damage of the engine (the tension arm of the alternator) discovered that the "reconditioned" engine I had bought three years ago was not so much reconditioned and that now either needs a general tune-up or replace. To tell the truth I've lost my faith in this engine after so many problems and stupid damages and I would like to replace it but the cost for a replacement is very high. I have to think very carefully what to do next. Stay tuned for the next moves.

July 21st 2003:

Well, we're back!! Our two weeks summer vacation ended yesterday and starting today, back again to work. We went to Porto Hydra Hotel as mentioned earlier and we used the boat as a hotel for the second week of our leave.

Unfortunately, there were not any sailing at all except the "delivery" trips from Microlimanon to the marina of the Hotel and back. This happened for two reasons:

First one: we were very anxious about our baby girl (who just turned two years old) that had a complete lack of feeling of danger and so she needed to be continually observed although a net was installed in the life lines of Efaki from Bow to stern both sides. Also the weather was very hot with temperatures over 35 degrees Celsius and generally no winds.

Second one: I had troubles with the engine of Efaki that made me feel uncertain for it and so I didn't want to chance anything and spoil our limited days of rest and relaxation. The trouble I had was with the tension arm of the alternator. It broke again and I had to fit a rope to keep the belt tensioned so as to have the engine not only charging but also cooled by the water pump that was working by the same belt. Oh yes and the day we were about to leave I discovered that all the engine bases (mounts) needed replacement, since the old trick with the turnbuckle to the bulkhead to temporarily cure the problem of tensioning the alternator tension arm, had worn them out (something completely logical, since these mounts are specifically designed to bear vibration of a certain kind and direction that I had foolishly disturbed with the turnbuckle). Anyway I finished half the "go" trip and made a complete return trip with a rope tensioning the belt and plan to have a good fight with my mechanic since it is the second time I experience the same problem. More to follow in the next days about destination, problems, etc.

July 1st 2003:

Cleaning up, tidying and stuffing up continue on Efaki. Tomorrow July 2nd 2003 I'm going to have an inspection by the coast guard. If everything goes ok we'll have to get ready for sail in Saturday that our vacation begins. Since it is the first time that my daughter (not yet 2 years old) is coming on board for vacation we are not going to stress her up and we are not going to push ourselves either. This year we are going to Porto Hydra Hotel in the area of Thermisia. The Hotel has her own marina that I'll berth Efaki. The first week we are going to stay to the hotel and make day trips to the near islands like Idra and Dokos. The second week we'll stay on board and depending on weather and baby's condition in the boat we'll take short trips to near places like Island of Spetses, Porto Heli etc. It is all going to depend on the baby and the weather since these days here in Athens we have almost 40 degrees Celsius that make life without air-conditioning difficult. More to come.

June 26th 2003:

Yesterday we scrubbed the underwater of Efaki clearing the propeller and through hull fittings (intakes) from the barnacles that grow wherever sun hits the boat. We went to the nearby beach of Votsalakia (the beach between the two ports in the picture below, Microlimanon or Munichia, homeport of Efaki is the right port) and hide behind the Kumunduru Island so as not to suffer the swell. The sea although very hot, unfortunately was not crystal clear as usual but this didnít prevent us of swimming under Efaki and removing the barnacles hopefully without damaging the antifouling. After that Efaki under engine was faster but the lack of wind prevented us from sailing again. As again with these test sails it was proven that the marine toilet has a problem in the pump. Although it pumps out whatever exists there, it doesn't pump in sea to clear the bowl. I must have put the rubbers of the pump upside down the last time I opened for maintenance the pump so I have to open it up again and see what's going wrong. Yesterday I also made an appointment with the coast guard for next Tuesday to come and check Efaki so as to give me the appropriate paper that will let me sail. Cost: 60 Euros for the check and I think I'll have to pay another 30 to get the paper. Also I did buy a new gas regulator for the camping gas bottle aboard Efaki and new flexible rubber hose for the gas to replace at the point of attachment to the burner (stove).

June 25th 2003:

Tidying up and cleaning (rather sterilizing) continues to Efaki. Cushions are back on board along with charts, pilots and other paraphernalia. Probably today I'll have a dive under Efaki to scrub the propeller which was not antifouled and has many barnacles upon it to the extend that Efaki can't reach her potential max speed under engine.

June 23rd 2003:

The first test sail of the season finally took place on Saturday 21st June 2003. You can read more on that in the new Cruising Logs 2003 page. The upholstery is almost done with a few spots only need to be taken care of. Then Efaki must be cleaned and loaded before inspection of the appropriate comity of the Marine Ministry and Coast Guard. Unfortunately yesterday (Sunday) I did not do anything on Efaki since my right foot for unknown reason was bloat (probably because of tiredness). So I spend the day home sleeping and playing with my daughter.

June 20th 2003:

More progress in the installation of the upholstery that you may see in the New Upholstery page. Getting closer to the first sail, a lot of things must be done, hopefully today and tomorrow. More likely to the new update (probably on Monday) to have a few pictures of actually sailing Efaki. Make a wish so as everything to come together right ....

June 19th 2003:

There is progress in the installation of the upholstery that you may see in the New Upholstery page. With the help of a friend we made some adjustments to the trimming of the mast and installed the boom in preparing for the first sail in a few days. Today I'll hoist the sails since last night there was a strong meltemi blowing and I was afraid to do it. At the same time with the help of my father we constructed a new "floor" (I have to find the right word for that) out of marine plywood for the dinghy (Mostro 2,80m inflatable, serial number 1280251197) since the old one which was not the original (long story to tell here) was not practical and quite heavy too. Today I'll have the outboard engine serviced too, (Yamaha Malta, serial number gl5/s/018612) so as to have it with me during the first sail so as to take some pictures of Efaki (I hope to put somebody on the task, he he).

June 18th 2003:

The upholstery of the front cabin has been completed and today we'll start with the main cabin. You may read about the progress made in the New Upholstery page. Today I picked up the sails that I had given for repairs and reinforcement of the reefing points. Cost of the sails repairs: 220 Euro. I also picked up the liferaft and the fire extinguishers that I had given for their annual service. Cost of both liferaft and three fire extinguishers: 162 Euro. I finally found the Kubota representative at Greece and picked up a new thermostat since I worried for the one currently installed in the Engine of Efaki. Cost 7.80 Euro. Last but not least I bought another can of Neostick 588 glue for 17 Euros that will be used to complete the installation of the upholstery. 

June 17th 2003:

The installation of the armaflex is completed. We even glued the first two pieces of the upholstery. You may see the progress in the New Upholstery page. At the same time I began varnishing the external woods as the hand rails.

June 13th 2003:

The installation of the armaflex continues. You can see more in the updated page: New Upholstery.

June 12th 2003:

I created a new page regarding the installation of the new upholstery. The installation began last afternoon and I hope to finish with it in a few days.

June 11th 2003:

I finally did manage to get the right adhesive for my application, which is Neostick 588 by Henkel. Today I'll start installing the armaflex to Efaki. I remembered to bring along the camera so probably tomorrow you'll see some new pictures.

June 9th 2003:

Last Saturday (June 7th) I bought the insulating material that will act as bating too for the upholstery (it is called armaflex and it is sold in a role with width 1,5m and length cut to your needs) and the new upholstery (which has the ice color to brighten the interior of the boat and it is waterproof. It is sold too in the form of a roll with width 1,5m and length cut to your needs). The place I went was recommended from a friend's friend who works in the business and the price I got was more than 50% cheaper than the retail prices I had been given when asking around. Total cost for the bating, upholstery and adhesive 270 Euros. That is for 15 running meters of armaflex, 19 meters of upholstery (I bought just a few meters more than I needed so as to have a spare in case something goes wrong when installing) and 5 kgs of adhesive. The only concern I got now is with the adhesives before I begin installation. I tried not to use the usual petrol based adhesive (due to the smell in a closed area as the boat interior) and I was recommended a product called Thomsit 4014 by Henkel. Since I had some doubts about the strength of the adhesive I phoned today the local office of Henkel who told me that unfortunately my concerns have a basis. Although this adhesive (which they kept calling magnetic adhesive) is very strong, the fact that I have dissimilar surfaces to be glued, the excessive heat of the summer and the occasional wetness of the boat, make this adhesive not suitable for my needs. So back to the petrol-based adhesive that I hope to stop smelling as soon as possible since this year we will have aboard my daughter too. So today I'm going to do small things around the boat and prepare it for tomorrow that I 'll have the new glue and start installing the bating. When all the bating is installed and I'm satisfied with the outcome then I'll start with the upholstery. I keep forgetting to bring along with me the camera when on board so please be patient to view new photographs.

June 6th 2003:

The new alternator and batteries have been installed (cost of batteries: 240 Euros, cost of reconditioned alternator: 120 Euros). The mast has been tuned but needs trim that will take place during/after a trial sail. The two anchors (bow and stern) have been painted and their chains have been marked so as to be able to spot easily how much has been deployed. Right now I'm focusing on the research for the upholstery. There are tremendous price differences between various suppliers and quality of fabric and bating/insulation. Probably I have made up my decision but I wish to sleep overnight to it. It seams that finally the first sail is not very far away but keep your fingers crossed!!! 

June 3rd 2003:

The rewiring is completed (and tested to function properly) Rewiring was a major job on Efaki and took about 50 meters of various size cables, about 40 crimping connectors and other bits and pieces (photos to follow soon). These days I make modifications to a new tension arm for the new alternator to be installed on the engine. As already mentioned the small alternator I had, was not adequate for the two new 125 Ah batteries I've ordered. That's why I bought that reconditioned alternator rated at 55 A at full throttle and at 23 A when running at idle. To install it on the engine I have had a mounting base and a tension arm made of steal to suit the engine bases and today with a new belt (different length of the previous installation) Iíll see whether everything fits together. (All that process in Greek is called a "patenta" from the patent English word and means to make such modifications so as to fit things together that they were not supposed initially). If everything seams ok I'll have the engine serviced (oil and filters changed). Then I'll try to start her for the first time after almost two months that rewiring and other tasks prevent it from running. On the short list then follows the installation of the upholstery before sea trials begin. These days the sails, liferaft and fire extinguishers are expected from their service. There are a million other small things to do on Efaki - most of them cosmetic - but I hope to do them slowly during summer. Now I'm anxious to start sailing even without Efaki looking perfect (cosmetically speaking). (Updates on the site are not so frequent lately for two reasons: It's a busy season on my job from where I usually do the updating and also the name server of the Isp of my job have problems that prevent me from actually logging in to the site to do the updating - as now that I write. I don't know when I'll be able to upload the updated page. I have asked the IS manager in my job to change ISP and finally that will happen as and when our subscription ends in a few months. Obviously I'm not the only one to have problems logging in some sites).

 May 28th 2003:

These days the rewiring is in process. I hope to complete it today. Running all new wires, crimping them and finally installing them on the switch panel and testing them took longer than I thought. I had to make decisions on the new routes of the wires since I didn't want to install them under the new (to be installed) upholstery the way it was, since that wouldn't permit future alterations without destroying the upholstery. I finally bought the new alternator (ok the reconditioned alternator) at 120 Euros that is considerably cheaper than a new one. This is a Bosch machine sensed alternator with a rated output of 55 A (23 A when the engine is running at idle) which is very improved in comparison with the old alternator. Soon the new batteries will be installed too. Yesterday I was in a carpentry shop and made a new piece of wood that will be installed to hold the VHF, stereo and the back up (old) depth meter. In comparison with the old wood that will be replaced by that, it will hold too, the auto bilge switch, a small independent switch panel (dedicated to the electronic instruments) and a car cigarette lighter plug for general use. I have decided in this setup so as to free some fused switches from the main switch panel that now incorporates two more lights that didn't exist before (tricolor and deck light) and the switch for the autohelm that was never used since I bought Efaki. More on that soon along with photographs. In between the search for the new upholstery and batting continues. I try to find something that suits the needs of Efaki without being terribly priced. I don't want the cheaper versions that when wet or hot by the sun tear up to pieces that finally turn to dust. 

May 21st 2003:

Today I went to the liferaft service station and I watched the opening of the liferaft to be serviced. You can see the opening of the liferaft here: Liferaft page. The rewiring process continues but finally I finished with the heavy wires that were terrible to fix.

May 20th 2003:

I continue to go to Efaki every evening after work and much progress have been done in the rewiring. I hope to finish with it in the following days so as to begin engine inspection and other things like mast tuning, painting of the bilge areas etc before starting the last major job, which is the upholstery. Shopping list for electrical bits and pieces now includes a reconditioned bigger alternator (55 A) for charging of the new two batteries (each 125Ah) I plan to install soon. Tomorrow I have arranged to visit the liferaft service station during the opening of the liferaft, which I hope, to video and post some photographs here. My digital camera has failed and that's the reason why you don't see any new photographs lately. I hope to replace it soon. For the time being I'll use my capture facility of the tuner of my computer while running my video camera to post some new pictures.

May 15th 2003: 

This page seams to conflict with the maintenance page in references. I have to think something about it. (Finally I decided to use the maintenance page as a links page to specific themed sub pages). Anyway these days I go every afternoon after my job to Efaki until it gets dark around 20:30. Several things have been done like completion of the fresh water system and renewal of the heads hoses, painting of the lazarete and construction of a small box that provides at the same time current to the GPS and Data to the portable computer that will be used with electronic navigation programs (for playing around that is - not actual navigating - more on that soon). Anyway the electrics renewal is under way after which comes the upholstery and then we start sailing!!! This will happen around the early days of June. To get there, I have to work hard since days pass with many works done but yet not evident. Time scheduling is something I always have in the back of my mind but which always for various reasons I can't keep or when I start it, something happens to get me out of it immediately. In the shopping list so far priority have the following: a new (reconditioned actually) alternator for improving the charging of the batteries (new to be bought) since the old one it turns out to be only 25 amps, not adequate for my charging needs. Two new horseshoe life jackets since the sun degrades the old. A bimini is high on the list but not probable. New wooden floors for the tender (probably I will construct them myself). By the end of May the sails will be repaired (cost estimate 260 euros) and the liferaft and fire extinguishers reloaded. Oh yes I have to buy a new electric fretsaw (is that what is called?) since I burnt out my old and "el cheapo" one yesterday. It's time now to make a comment about tools. It's about two years now that I buy good quality (and usually expensive) tools whenever I need something. It has been proven to me in various circumstances that the cheap ones don't work the way you want them at the time you want them the most. Leftovers (old cheap tools in my collection I mean) are used to death and then replaced accordingly as happened with the fretsaw. For electric tools lately I'm fond of Bosch. 

May 12th 2003:

I added some more photographs on the Corinth Canal page. I created a new page regarding the Whitbread Maxi Defender with some photographs that I finally scanned. Regarding Efaki I'm still in the process of rewiring. Thinking much of it and doing a little to tell the truth that is.

May 9th 2003:

During a google search for other sites of Mirage 28 Sailing Boats I found the amazing story of Red Rum by Scott Baillie. You can read it here. Now that the plumbing is complete (fresh water system and toilet hoses) I have started with the electrics. I took out all the old wires and I have started figuring how and where to install the new ones along with the new charging and distributing system. More on that soon. Oh yes, I gave too the sails for a major service since I'm not able of buying new ones yet. I have also arranged to take pictures of the liferaft servicing to post here, this will happen probably at the end of the month.

May 6th 2003:

These days the fresh water system has been completed, and a number of other small things have been done. Though I couldn't provide details here since we had a problem with our Internet connection in my job (from where I usually update this site in my spare time). Anyway I have speed up a little the works on Efaki since we have an early summer. It's amazing that 15 days ago we had freezing days with rain that didn't let me go on the boat and that now we have temperatures of 30 to 33 degrees Celsius. I have to speed up since if it gets hotter I am not going to be able to work on Efaki.  

April 30th 2003:

These days was the Orthodox Easter and so I have not done many things aboard Efaki. The Fresh water system is to be completed today by the addition of a back up foot pump in the galley to serve in case that the electric pressure pump fails. All hoses and pieces have been renewed, the tanks cleaned and the bilges where they lie, painted. Today I also gave the liferaft and fire extinguishers to be checked since I have to pass the yearly inspection of the boat by the Port Police authorities. I also created a new page regarding the old Autohelm 1000 autopilot that came with Efaki when I bought her and which I thought of been useless.  My thanks to Philip Walton who provided the Manual of the Autohelm that I scanned and now is available for downloading in the same page.

April 17th 2003:

It's the EU convention in Athens these days and due to the extreme police measures, I can't go to Efaki. I just added a diagram of the fresh water system to the Fresh Water Page. Also I added a link in the Electrics Page for a useful shareware program for wire sizing.

April 15th 2003:

My friend Tim Lackey of the Glisando made a new public forum. As I wanted to contribute something I remembered about this clever (beer) can holder that I have seen that is hung from the lifelines of a boat near the cockpit. So as I created a page for this Can Holder  mainly as to facilitate the contribution to Tim's forum. (-->Very nice Tim).

April 14th 2003:

This weekend I had flu. I didn't have the chance to work on Efaki despite the nice weather. Although I had the chance to go shopping for bits and pieces mainly regarding the rewiring task that comes right after the completion of the plumbing system.

April 11th 2003:

Today it's raining (again, some very bad words follow here....) so I'm not going to the boat. Yesterday night though, much work done on the fresh water system. Probably it will be completed this weekend so as the rewiring to follow.

April 9th 2003:

I created a small diagram of the domestic electric loads too (which will be revised during installation). Yesterday it was too cold here to do many things on boat. So I just paint a second layer on the bilges. If weather permits it today, I think that I'll try to trim the mast. This must be done since after completing the wiring and plumbing (to be completed probably this weekend) sea trials must begin. There is not any other better way to find if something goes wrong and must be fixed before scheduling trips with family and friends even just for a small sail outside the harbor.

April 4th 2003:

Now with the change of hour because of the daylight saving summer time I'm finally able to go to the boat almost every day. I get to the boat after office around 6-6:30pm and have light until 7:30pm to do things. You can see what I did yesterday by visiting the Maintenance Page and by following the appropriate links.

April 3rd 2003:

A new page was created on refitting of the Fresh Water System. Photographs of the complete side windows were added.

April 1st 2003:

A new page was created under the Miscellaneous page that is titled: Articles about Efaki. In this page Efaki related articles will be presented. The first one is by Ocean Spirit, this very nice E-magazine that Garry Beattie from Australia creates for trailer sailors and small yachts. Also the Side Windows page was updated as I finally did manage to install the new windows.

March 26th 2003:

Added a link to the links page of Ocean - Spirit, a very nice E-magazine for trailer sailors and small yachts around the world.

March 21st 2003:

I scanned some old photos of Efaki crossing the Corinth canal in 1997 and created a page named Corinth Canal after a friend asked me to tell him some things about it. Also I added a page regarding Med Mooring.

March 20th 2003:

I created a new page called Boat History  to collect some history facts about the Mirage 28. Please read and fill up the gaps.

February 19th 2003:

I created a new page, the: What's New Log Page so as to be able to lessen the items of the What's New Page and keep it up with the most recent updates. The weather still is awful in Greece and I can't do much things on EFAKI. The rain percentages are new records for most areas in Greece.

February 17th 2003:

I created a new page of press Reviews of the Mirage 28 sailing boat. The first article to appear is from "Yachting Monthly" Magazine, January 2003 issue.

February 13th 2003:

Updated the maintenance page since well...I'm again starting to do things in the boat.

February 5th 2003:

Added a page with the title Snapdragon and Mirage Association giving some details of the association and contact information.

January 31st 2003:

Added a link to the Links Page  for: Notices for Mariners of the Hellenic Navy Hydrographic Service.

January  27th 2003:

Added the Yanmar YSE Parts List in the Engine Manuals page.

January 24th 2003:

I created a new page of Engine Manuals under the Engine Page where in time you'll find scanned all available to me Manuals of the Yanmar YSE8 and Kubota D-950-B Diesel Engines. As of today only the Yanmar Manual is available. Soon I'll scan the Kubota manual and the parts lists for both engines.

January 13th 2003:

Split the one huge page of Greek Glossary to several smaller ones based on theme in order to make it more functional. I hope that it may be useful to friends around the world. Still nobody has contact me in order to know whether the Greek words can be seen in a computer without Greek fonts installed.

January 9th 2003:

Added under the Miscellaneous page a new page of "Greek Glossary"  with usually used sailing terms translated from English to Greek in the form: English word - Greek pronouncing with Latin letters - Greek word. It's just a start and needs more work. Please tell me if this kind of form is useful or if I should change it. Also if terms and phrases that you may thing useful are missing so as to translate and add them. 

January 7th 2003:

Scanned the workshop manual of "S/Y Efaki's old engine a Yanmar YSE 8 and mailed it to the webmaster of a Dutch site that collects and shares such manuals of diesel engines found on sailing yachts. If you have a workshop manual of your diesel engine that is not yet in his collection why don't share? The link (exists also in the links page) is: http://motoren.ath.cx/ Soon I'll scan and mail also the workshop manual of the new engine a Kubota D-950-B.