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S/Y EFAKI is a Mirage 28 built in 1977 by Thames Marine (UK) 


S/Y EFAKI is a member of the Piraeus Sailing Club (I.O.P.)


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November 29th 2004:

A friend scanned the workshop manual and the parts list of the Kubota D-950-B that are now available (at last !) for download in the Engine manuals page. Thanks John.

November 18th 2004:

Efaki has a new permanent mooring following the installation of a new floating pontoon for the Olympic class dinghies. The new mooring is on the main pontoon of the club and suffers only from the southeast winds which are not frequent in the area and which create a heavy wash in the harbor that moves violently the boat. Other disadvantages have not yet been observed but at least now I expect to find Efaki in a certain place when I visit the club and not search her around as has happened lately... 

October 15th 2004:

As usual another excuse for not updating more frequently the site of Efaki!! My laptop was destroyed in a recent sail with Efaki. I was using it as a chart plotter logging the sail when the transformer failed and burnt also the motherboard. The repair doesn't come cheap and so I have to wait until to be able to afford a new one.  

September 25th 2004:

I'm very sorry to let you know that I lost my grandfather Manolis today. He was born either 1909 or 1911 so life was generous with him as he was either 93 or 95 years old. He is survived by his three children and six grandchildren. He was born in Fokea in Minor Asia and as a refugee went to Piraeus and then to Rethimnon in Crete during the 20's with his family (and his 8 brothers and sisters) that were fishermen. There he was married to my grandmother Athanasia Hoby who as a teenager he had saved her from drowning in Fokea. During the 2nd world war his fishing boat and crew was put to work for the German occupation army but he had invented a trick and by wearing double trousers he was able to steel fish from the catch that was meant for the Germans and feed his family and friends or who ever needed help. After the war he built the largest caique (Greek type fishing boat) in time for Rethimnon. It was built in Piraeus and was named Aghia Paraskevi. This boat was confiscated by the bank just before the fishing that was going to pay for the last installment of the loan. Just for a matter of a few hours. A competitor probably arranged this act and Aghia Paraskevi was left to rotten and finally was destroyed on the beach. After that my grandfather worked on the port of Rethimnon until he was retired and moved to Athens. His wish and curse for his two boys was not to work in the sea. So both my father and uncle joined the Hellenic (Greek) Air Force. Probably also it's a matter of genes that both his grandchildren that are named after him are involved with the sea. I as a marine journalist and my cousin as a merchant marine officer. Fair winds grandfather in your last and biggest journey.

September 14th 2004:

I have changed the position of Efaki berthing place in the Piraeus Sailing Club due to a new ramp placed to facilitate the launch of the Olympic class dinghies of the club. 

This is the old mooring place of Efaki. In her place now is installed a floating ramp similar to those two shown above. Efaki has temporarily been placed two places on the left side of her mooring until a better position is available. But you know here in Greece we have a saying according to which: "there is not a more permanent situation than a temporary one" !! So I have to place two bollards on the jetty so as to secure the boat since the old ones that exist there, they are so rusted that I don't trust them. Hopefully I'll post soon a photograph of both the new berthing place and the bollards or whatever I'll be able to install there to secure Efaki.

August 27th 2004:

I have just returned from my annual vacation. The last 15 days (as last year) we used the boat for accommodation in the marina of the Porto Hydra Hotel and enjoyed the facilities of the hotel. My daughter is three years old and so we chose this place so as to be able to get some rest and make life easier for us and the baby. The only sailing I did was the transportation of the boat to the marina of Porto Hydra (42 miles) and back. The boat did not present any problems and we had a joyful vacation. You can reed more on Porto Hydra Hotel Marina at last year's 2003 logs.

August 9th 2004:

There is a new legislation in Greece about boats up to 10 meters length. Now long I don't have to pass the annual inspection of the Mercantile Marine Ministry so as to have the Protocol of General Inspection renewed. Now long I have a permit of executing sails that lasts 4 years and it is my responsibility to have the boat and safety equipment updated. After 4 years it will be easily again renewed. Of course as everything in Greece the new law has a bureaucratic procedure to follow that took 10 different papers (two of which needed the inspection of the boat by a naval architect). Now long I don't have either to go to the port authorities every time I leave or enter a port. I can leave without any formal procedures. The new law consider boats up to 10 meters as "small" boats and was created to ease the formalities. Also the possetion of "small" boats is tax-free.

August 1st 2004:

A new link has been added in the links page. It is for the Invader 22, Lena who is under her restoration phase and recently I had a nice communication with her owner. Invaders are very similar to the Mirage range of boats.

June 9th 2004:

My new job prevents me from updating frequently this site. I go occasionally to the boat for maintenance and summer preparations one of which is the biannual check of the Coast Guard for the updating of the Protocol of General Inspection. I have had a few new Emails from Mirage 28 owners and I'm always happy to hear from them. Statistically though it is strange that I can't keep a steady communication with anyone of them. I wonder why...

May 14th 2004:

I updated the page of Mirage 28 EOS since I had a message from her new owner. Check it here. These days I prepare Efaki for inspection from the Coast Guard so as to renew her Protocol of General Inspection.

April 27th 2004:

During the weekend I had the chance to go to Efaki. A rope had been caught (probably during a short sail out of the harbor a few days ago) in the propeller and so I had to remove it in order to prevent a possible damage to the shaft. Since the seawater is still very cold and I didn't want to catch a cold, I used a halyard from the top of the mast that I tied to a nearby strong point.  Then I used the halyard to turn the boat as far as I could in order to have the propeller reach the surface of the sea. Then I got the club's tender and by using a knife I removed the rope. It was funny looking the expressions of the people that they were looking the boat. What the ...is he doing? They must be wondered. But the whole think was obvious as they came nearby to see what I was doing. It took me almost two hours to remove the rope that was actually two different ropes and filled up a bag when removed. On other news, the Email that I used for the last decade has stopped working since my ISP suddenly stopped operations. There is a new Email address in the Contact page.

April 19th 2004:

It is obvious that I have not enough time to update the site frequently although messing with boats everyday!! Things on Efaki progress steadily but slowly although I'm not aware yet how we are going to use the boat this summer. With the Olympic Games in Athens, the city is changing so much that every time I go to the Club I use a different and in most cases new road. Both my home and the Club are located in the Red zones where in order to move you are going to need special "passes" during August. I'm not aware yet if I'm going to be in Athens (working) during August or whether I'll take my annual leave. It's going to be an interesting summer... 

February 13th 2004:

We have severe weather these days in Greece. I have not had seen Efaki before covered with snow since 1996 that I bought her. The picture below was taken by photographer Thanos Iliopoulos (copyright Technical Press SA) who with my publisher Thanos Andronikos went to take pictures of snow covered boats for the magazine and to check also on the Mount Gay 30 racing boat that he recently bought and that is near Efaki which accidentally appears in this photograph (the third sailboat shown right of the blue crane).

January 21st 2004:

I still try to reorganize the site to make it more functional by updating some pages and by placing them in a more logical order. I would like to hear your comments in order to make it more useful. In order to do so please Email me.

January 8th 2004

I try to reorganize the site so as to be more functional and more useful to visitors. This page that in reality was a maintenance log of tasks performed on Efaki, has been cleared and the contents of maintenance has been moved to the Maintenance Page. Now long in this page there will be announcements and links for new things in the site and the boat of course.

This picture was taken during a force 9 storm just before Christmas 2003 by Nikos Markompotsaris on Flisvos Marina in Faliron Athens Greece. This is a place that we walk often with Efi and our daughter Elpida during summer. The breakwater (hardly seen below the wave) is over 4 meters higher of the sea level while the public lights are over 10 meters long. I was inside a car in the inside side of the breakwater before I had a chance to know how severe was the situation. A wave crashed over the car nearly killing me and the photographer Nikos Markompotsaris. We had been there to take pictures of the waves for a future article on waves for the Yachts Motor & Sailing Magazine that I joined (as editor) recently. Photo credits Nikos Markompotsaris, Technical Press S.A.