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S/Y EFAKI is a Mirage 28 built in 1977 by Thames Marine (UK) 


S/Y EFAKI is a member of the Piraeus Sailing Club (I.O.P.)


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August 30th 2006:

I'm in the process of updating the site, correcting any miss ups and filling any gaps. If you notice something that doesn't function, please let me know. 

August 28th 2006:

We have just returned from our annual summer vacations. This year there were no changes regarding the destinations but rather a big change in the way everything went along. Actually this year instead of transferring alone Efaki to the final destination which again was Porto Hydra Marina Hotel, my wife, my daughter and I sailed her with stopovers to the nearby islands of Aegina and Poros. Although my daughter Elpida had so far many small duration sails she had not really made a whole trip with the boat. The week end of 14-16 July we had a test sail and we went to Aegina island a distance of 17 miles. Elpida really did like it and kept without problems the two small rules we had set: When out of the cabin she always wear her lifejacket and when moving aboard Efaki, one hand belongs to the boat, meaning that she always keep a lifeguard or another solid part of the boat when moving. This test sail armed us with the confidence to try to go all together for our vacation and for the two weeks we left everything was ok. The boat too didn't provide any problems apart a torn alternator belt just before we moored to the island of Poros which didn't compromise our safety. The original plan was to try to go island hoping but when we reached the marina of the Porto Hydra Hotel Elpida found new friends and her two cousins of similar age and that was, we spend 9 of the 13 days there which again was not bad at all since we had the chance to teach her to swim and spent endless hours in the sea. To tell the truth sailing was very limited as we mainly used the motor because of lack of wind but the use of the boat for the total duration of our vacations gave us the much needed satisfaction of time spend on Efaki which has become a rarity lately because of job and other obligations. We hope we can sail Efaki again for a weekend during September until life gets back to the normal cruel and fast lane rhythms.   

June 16th 2006:

I have been abroad again, so no much sailing yet but there was some progress in the chores on Efaki. The upholstery is back in place, two new flexible water tanks have replaced the old rigid ones that were leaking, the liferaft and fire extinguishers have been through their annual inspection. Now there is some serious cleaning up and tidying up to do before we begin at last some sailing for this year! It was nice to hear from Richard and Ruth Bennett that they have just bought Alys, a 1981 MK I Mirage 28. More for Alys in the Other Mirages page.

May 31st 2006:

The new stanchion bases, the new navigation lights and the new guardrails have been finally installed. I have already started to put back in place the upholstery which is ready in the front cabin while I hope to finish the saloon this weekend.

The new stanchion bases have four bolts which required new holes on the deck. In every case but the one shown in the above right picture the old holes were sealed and got hide beneath the bases. This is the only case that an old hole is visible since somebody before I got Efaki had already replaced this exact stanchion base with another that required a hole further inside of the toe rail. I'll fill this up with gelcoat filler and make it vanish...If you didn't already observed it, the new fenders are shown in their new "socks" made my mother in law (!) which I consider them of better quality that the ones readily available in the market. 

May 17th 2006:

The installation of the side windows is now complete and the relevant tests with the hose proved that there are no water leaks! I'll post pictures asap. As I wait for an expert to install the new stanchion bases I can't still put back in place the upholstery, instead I use this time to take care of various chores here and there. I have taken out and install the hatch with new bedding so as to eliminate water leaks from there, something that proved easy but I have to renew also the plexiglass as it has some crazing that permits drops of water to enter. I have also made some repairs to the dour of the front cabin and in the cup holders of the galley. Some small deck holes and punctures have been filled by gel coat filler, the problem with the ground terminal has been resolved and various other little things have been taken care of... 

May 10th 2006:

The pushpit and pulpit have eventually been installed while I wait for the renewal of the bases of the stanchions. Since I had to tear apart the upholstery in order to provide access to the bolts of the bases, I took the opportunity to renew the side windows that they were leaking. The new ones are of 8mm plexiglas and the cost to acquire them was 210 Euros. I had to sand the external sides to the corners in order to make them smooth so as to avoid a potential accident of somebody cutting his leg while touching the rough corners. After that I had to drill the four pieces (I again have split each side's window to two pieces) which resulted in a broken piece that was replaced at a cost of 35 Euros. Yesterday I spend two hours cleaning the cabin sides of old adhesives and dirt before installment of the left side's two pieces. The fact that I used white adhesive didn't make them look nice so I removed them and cleaned them to install them today with black adhesive. This is Sikaflex 295 especially made for this purpose and it comes with a primer for the plexiglas (24 Euros for a tube and a little bottle of primer). This is also a detail that I was not aware off as I used the primer for the cabin sides. So today armed with new knowledge and materials I'll try again.


The pulpit and pushpit are exactly the same design and size as the old ones and new stainless steel lifelines have been also replaced the old torn ones. 

New navigation lights will also be installed while on the right picture you may observe the robust construction of the new bases for the stanchions. These have four bolts instead of the three of the old ones and so new holes have to be drilled on the deck with the old ones sealed.  

As I had to remove the upholstery to provide access to the stanchion bases bolts, I also took the opportunity to renew the plexiglas side windows. I took the old ones out to be used as patterns for the construction of the new ones and temporarily I used transparent plastic sheet to keep the boat dry.


This is one of the new plexiglas windows after the sanding of the corners which prevent them acting like knives tearing our skin if touched. Then I drilled them by taping each pair of new and old one together so as to have an exact match on the holes of the cabin side which last night didn't provide any difficulties. New longer stainless steel screws (20mm) were bought for this purpose. 

Finally I discovered why I had problems starting the engine. A loose connection to the ground terminal didn't provide a path for the many amperes needed by the engine starter. Probably today I'll deal with that problem too. Yesterday also I bought a new impeller and gasket for the sea water pump of the engine since the day before, the impeller which was bought and installed less than a year before stopped working. The inner metal tube had separated from the plastic fins. For the new impeller and gasket I paid the local Yanmar distributor 32 Euros which I think that they are too much. Next time I'll look for cheaper aftermarket copies. 

May 1st 2006:

I have removed the side windows in order to renew them. I order to do so, I had to remove also the upholstery which it was a good thing to do since I discovered that below there was a lot of humidity because of the leaking windows. The next few days I'll have the new windows made and report back for costs and procedures of installment.

Message for Dominique Langlois: My Emails keep returning blocked by your ISP. Could you provide me with another Email (like yahoo) in order to forward them there so as to see them. I have taken a lot of pictures answering your questions.

March 28th 2006:

I have had several contacts the last few days from France regarding Mirage 28s. Severine Ardouin asked me some info about the mast measurements as Penelope, her boat needs a new one. Dominique Langlois is considering buying a Mirage and asked me a few questions about the accommodation. Finally Bernard Picot just bought a Mirage 28 and a few pictures you can see here.

March 14th 2006:

I had to delete the Email and create a new one due to spam. Please visit the Contact page to see about the new Email address. 

March 13th 2006:

I bought six new fenders (polyform F2) since I through away all the old ones. Ageing had caused polymerization that spoiled the hull wherever they touched. The cost was something less than 150 Euros and I also bought a pair of fender socks to use as a pattern for creating my own cheaper and disposable ones. 

March 12th 2006:

I have created a new page for the launching of Efaki that took place March 10th 2006.

March 3rd 2006:

I have managed to work on Efaki everyday for the last few days preparing her return to the water. Finally I used Seajet's epoxy primer system to smooth the shape of the keel and I'm happy with it. Also this year for the first time on Efaki I'm going to use antifouling for the prop and I have used products again from Seajet including an epoxy primer and a special propeller antifouling. For the hull I'm sticking with Syntex antifouling since I'm happy with it and also I can obtain it very cheaply. Days are passing very quickly since to go to Efaki I need to drive for more than an hour that usually brings me to her at 5pm to work until 7pm that it gets dark. Monday is a public holiday in Greece so I hope to have more time including the weekend to proceed with the remaining chores. As I mess up mainly with colors and epoxy I have not had the chance to take pictures that I hope I'll take before Efaki's launch to the water. 

February 28th 2006:

With a time frame between 10 to 15th of March to get Efaki back to the water, I have started preparations for the launch by completing the scrubbing of the hull preparing for new antifouling. 

On the left picture is shown a part of the bow that it has been already scrubbed from several layers of old antifouling. I become to realize that it is time again for a new antiosmosis treatment which I plan for next year probably combining with a treatment of the keel by epoxy so as to smooth her shape. On the right side it is shown a hit on the hull. Almost all the gelcoat has vanished although the glass tissue is intact. I'll deal with it with some gel coat that hopefully will provide sufficient protection until next year's better treatment.  

Other things that I have dealt with include: The wiring system that have been completed and the parts used were by BEP costing 260 Euros while I have not yet bought new batteries. The removal of a water tank that was broken and replaced by a flexible one of greater capacity. The renewal of all the seacocks and last but not least the renewal of the anodes. More to follow. 

February 6th 2006:

Lists for chores, essential purchases and time schedules consist the news for the time being as Efaki is on the hard awaiting the preparations for the new season. Weather doesn't help as almost every weekend that I'm able to go to the yard, either it rains or it's so cold I can't work on Efaki which is scheduled to return to the water in the middle of March. Scrubbing, antifouling and installing new anodes are the main priorities right now with several bigger or smaller chores postponed for the time that Efaki returns to her berthing place that I ' ll be able to visit almost every day. Also and before getting to the water I have to renew the batteries and the system that controls their charging as I have had a nasty accident before Christmas.  As I prepare the renewing of the side windows, I only had put a tent on Efaki to prevent water ingress. Somebody removed the tent and put her in such a way that water entered inside Efaki. Due to the way it stands on the hard, the water entered the compartment that I keep the batteries and filled it up. Both the batteries and the Driftgate 2000 X-split low loss charging system that I used instead of diodes was short circuited and destroyed. The happy thing about this damage is that it happened because of water that didn't permit a fire that could destroy totally the boat.

So now and before I splash Efaki I have to renew all the heavy wiring, the batteries and the charging handling system.