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S/Y EFAKI is a Mirage 28 built in 1977 by Thames Marine (UK) 


S/Y EFAKI is a member of the Piraeus Sailing Club (I.O.P.)


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November 28th 2007:

During summer that I have not had updated the site, many friends sent me pictures and news about their boats. You can read about them in the Other Mirages Page.

November 26th 2007:

A few days ago I hauled out Efaki on the hard for her annual winterization. You can read about it here: Haul out 2007. This summer due to various reasons that mainly had to do with health problems and business obligations, I have not had the chance to use Efaki at all. The last time I sailed Efaki was on May 1st. Now I plan many projects on Efaki which I hope will provide next summer many opportunities for  family excursions and vacations.

March 10th 2007:

A few days ago I had the chance to single hand Efaki as I had a bad day in office and I decided that it was better to leave early...


As I was alone I just pulled the fenders inside in order to be ready during the return to the mooring and to minimize walking on deck. Although it doesn't show, there was a small swell that combined with the 10-12 knots southerly wind was perfect for the day. Oh yes, it was a perfect day with 20 degrees centigrade.

So here I'm in the Faliron bay just out of my club. As it was midday there were no other boats except a few dinghies. 

Well it doesn't actually shows in this picture with small analysis but the biggest gust was at 14 knots. Efaki unfortunately as has not been used often during the last six months has grown fooling that didn't permit her to go faster than 3,8 knots. I have to get her out of the water for the annual maintenance.

I spend three hours sailing going from the entrance to the Piraeus harbor down almost to Glyfada, a distance of about 3 miles out of about 10 miles sailed during those three hours. 

January 29th 2007:

I have been contacted by Dominique Langlois from France who provided me with a scan of a Mirage 28 review by the French magazine Cahiers Yachting of December 1976. This article is provided in the Reviews page of this site.