What's New 2008
S/Y EFAKI is a Mirage 28 built in 1977 by Thames Marine (UK) 


S/Y EFAKI is a member of the Piraeus Sailing Club (I.O.P.)


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October 10th 2008

It has been quite a long time since I last updated Efaki's site. To be honest, this year we have not sailed at all. With the summer heat in Greece it was impossible to use Efaki with our newborn daughter while there was not time too with my long working hours. This year we have had only a week of summer vacations and these were without Efaki. Today I received a photo and a few words for another Mirage sailboat called Limni. You can read about her here: Limni

May 6th 2008

I launched Efaki yesterday, you can read about it here.

April 29th 2008

I'm working to Efaki in order to launch her soon. I hope to do so probably next week. I have created a new page for Le Mistral of Adrian and Sally Franks who contacted me. You can read about Le Mistral here

March 19th 2008

As Spring aproaches rather sooner than expected, some chores on Efaki finaly get their chance to get done. Antifooling has been applied after thorough sanding of the wet area and a new coat of primer to double act as antiosmosis treatment. Special care was given to the keel that at last is faired adequately. My fears that the rudder shaft might be broken inside the rudder is not justified. I have had the rudder removed and taken to a specialist who even after his examination declared a non problem, I have had him install a dynomometer (is that the right word?) to test with almost descruptive power the strength of the shaft. Well the test was non descruptive ! and the results have assured me that nothing needs to be done. Now I wait for a new teflon ring for the rudder shaft to install the ruder back on the boat. In other news, I finaly designed and constructed a stainless steel frame for a cockpit bimini that will be installed and trimmed after Efaki is launched in order the boom heights to be exact measured. 

January 11th 2008

I have made a Humor page for Efaki, following and decicated to the comments of a few colleagues. This page is here: Humor.

January 3rd 2008

I have had an EMail from Jim Climie who is a part owner of Oriole, a Mirage 28 based in Nidri in Lefkada. You can see what he wrote me in the page of Oriole.

January 1st 2008

I found Yacht Brochures in a reference of a well known British yachting magazine. I made contact with Mike Davies who owns the company and who had a 1979 brochure of a Mirage 28 that I purchased for 12 English pounds. I would like to post that brochure here but I think this is not ethical against Mike who spend a life collecting and now making available such brochures. Anyway, for a first time since 1996 that I bought Efaki, I have now a brochure of the boat type.