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S/Y EFAKI is a Mirage 28 built in 1977 by Thames Marine (UK) 


S/Y EFAKI is a member of the Piraeus Sailing Club (I.O.P.)


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August 4th 2010:

We have returned yesterday from our annual summer vacations that started on the July 28th 2010. We have not had used the boat other than short day sails for the last two years due to the birth of our youngest daughter two years ego who was very young last year to bear the summer heat in the boat. So this year it was rather an experiment to see how we and our daughters would adopt to the boating life. Rather than stressing things, we chose for the girls not to sail with the boat which I delivered with the help of my friend Ram to our usual destination of Porto Hydra Marina. Both our girls met me directly there along with their mother who came with the car that we used for the daily shopping needs and short excursions.

During the delivery trip we met two submarines which they were returning probably to port and a school of five - six dolphins who played around Efaki long enough so as to get them pictured. 


Living with the girls aboard for a week proved comfortable and the recent additions of the electric refrigerator and bimini helped a lot. During the return trip my older daughter insisted of coming along and so we had an eight hours return trip of nice talking and giggling along with my friend Kostas who came with. We even had a short stop at Aegina island in the bay of Agia Marina for a little swimming before we reached Microlimanon and the end of our summer vacation. 

We hope that until schools start again on September, we may have the chance for a weekend aboard Efaki.


July 19th 2010:

I was finally able to repair the starter motor of the engine. It seemed that the expert I took it and declared it unrepairable was not so expert and after receiving advice from a friend I took it to another expert who repair it for 100 Euros. The term repair is not so accurate though as he almost replaced everything expect the engaging gear to the motor's flywheel... These are the broken parts that he repaired - sorry - changed!


July 15th 2010:

I'm in a rush these days to prepare Efaki for our annual summer vacations. Unfortunately I have neglected Efaki lately as I have been busy every weekend for the last four months, something that proved itself during the last weekend that I had a chance to go with my friend George to scrub the hull from the barnacles. When we finished scrubbing and decided to return to port, I didn't realize in time that the button of the engine's starter motor was stuck and this had it as a result to be destroyed. So I took out the starter motor to see whether it is repairable (which unfortunately is not) and now I have to buy a new starter motor that the local  Yanmar representative sells at 283 Euros. Currently I'm looking for a cheaper alternative. Among other things, I'm finally trimming the bimini tubes in order to prepare it for my tent maker to make a template and cut the tent, I'm putting some netting in the guard rails to prevent my little daughter falling overboard, and in general I'm trying to do a summer's long list of chores just in a few days...  


June 10th 2010:

I have never been to the logic of talking stats about the site of Efaki as it is something that I do out of love for Efaki and as a tool to facilitate the knowledge and the communication around her. Currently the site has more than 90 pages, 550 pics, 1000 internal links and 75 external links that serve primarily that purpose but the truth is also that a major clean up is required. The page What's new that you are reading has indisputably taken the form of a blog long before this term existed, but at the same time has provided the grounds to present here what is going on. It is some time that I'm puzzled whether I should leave the site as is and continue just renewing the news and adding things where appropriate or proceed to a total make over. Your thoughts via an Email would be very much appreciated to make up my mind...!!  


May 4th 2010:

There has been some time since my last update. I have tried to make major changes to the site of Efaki which they are still under works until I feel that the outcome shows appropriate to replace what you actually read at this time.

There have been several occasions that I sailed Efaki during the last few months as we have had a very mild winter. The above picture was taken on March 16th 2010 during one of many outings I have had just for the shake of a few hours sailing.