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S/Y EFAKI is a Mirage 28 built in 1977 by Thames Marine (UK) 


S/Y EFAKI is a member of the Piraeus Sailing Club (I.O.P.)


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Old Engine

When I bought EFAKI it became apparent that the engine a Yanmar YSE 8 (8 Hp) needed much attention. The engine room was blackened from smoke that revealed a broken gas exhaust, all wiring was loose, the diesel filter - water trap was broken and apart a muffler there was not a water lock or an anti siphon valve installed in the exhaust arrangement. 

So the decision to remove the engine and take it to a specialist for inspection was taken thus enabling the opportunity to clean and paint the engine room, to install new engine bases (mounts), a new diesel filter - water trap and a completely new exhaust system. New engine wiring and various little other pieces were also installed.


The engine served well EFAKI and her owner since it was designed as "heavy duty" and was adequate for both of them. Due to later very (but very) bad experiences with boat engine mechanics (so they called themselves) and the lack of spare parts the decision to replace the engine was taken in the spring of 2000. This little engine was my introduction to diesel engines and servicing which by time became a routine.


New Engine #1

The chosen new engine is a Kubota D - 950 - B rated at 21,5 Hp. It was bought in May 2000 reconditioned and marinised by a local company (imported used from Japan) (S/N: D-950 -134647). It is equipped with a fresh water radiator and a new PRM reversing clutch (S/N: 1201520 - Q00127 - 80D2).  


A new Kobelt single lever engine control was mounted in the cockpit instead of the old two-lever engine control mechanism. Also nearby the shut down lever was installed. Since the engine control panel that came with the engine didn't fit in the boats relevant position on the port side, I made a new one out of Plexiglas (using the old Yanmar panel as a pattern) incorporating a key - switch and warning lights (and buzzer) for oil pressure and battery charging. 

 Cost of New Engine (in Greek drachma)

Initial cost of Engine, reverse clutch and control lever 1.150.000

Cost of installation:

New pipes and through hull fittings: 33.000

Engine bases (mounts): 48.000

New shaft, propeller and stern recondition: 72.000

Water lock, seawater filter and exhaust pipe: 132.000

Various little pieces (screws, hose clamps, etc): 50.000

Labour: 100.000

Total: 1.585.000


New Engine #2

During the summer of 2003 the Kubota engine kept creating problems and generally didn't function alright. As it was later proved, the marinarisation that was performed in Greece by a local importer of used engines from Japan was not properly made. Not only that, but the engine too had thousands of hours use and during the marinarisation have not had a properly made overhaul repair. In a few words: this engine was no longer trustworthy and the investment on a new overhaul repair very expensive for an uncertain outcome. At this time the decision to buy a new engine was taken.

The engine chosen is a Yanmar 3GM30F marine engine with a double fresh water cooling system. The engine was used but had been stripped and thoroughly repaired by my mechanic and I had the chance to overview the process.  One might argue that is engine is big for Efaki (that is true) but at the time was the appropriate since the price, the condition and other major decision factors were in favor for. The engine was installed in September 2003 and the cost was 3000 Euros. You may read about the installation here

Click here to download a pdf for the Yanmar GM Engine Series specifications. 

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