External Condition
S/Y EFAKI is a Mirage 28 built in 1977 by Thames Marine (UK) 


S/Y EFAKI is a member of the Piraeus Sailing Club (I.O.P.)


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External Condition

(When I bought Efaki back in 1996)




The external condition was rather good minding that this was an ex charter boat already 19 years old at the time. There were no osmosis signs due to the adequate building and the anti-osmosis treatment that already had been applied. There were only a few deep scratches on the starboard side under the painted previous name (XENIA) that showed up when the later was removed. Obviously that was the reason that the name has been painted on. These scratches where filled up with gel coat and they are just noticeable after so many years only if you try to find them.

All through hull fittings were renewed  and multiple layers of old antifouling were removed by strong chemicals (removers) up to the anti-osmosis treatment. 

In the mast there were only two external halyards. These were passed inside the mast and two more were added in special mast fittings for all of the four. A winch also was installed to help raise the main and a new gooseneck replaced the broken original. A Windex installed up the mast and all cables and light bulbs were renewed.