Home Page – Sailing boat Efaki

Efaki used to be my sailing boat, a Thames Marine Mirage 28 built probably back in 1977.

I owned Efaki from 1996 to 2013 when I sold her as I moved from Greece to UK.

Back then, the internet was not what it is now, information was not that readily available and terms like blog didn’t even exist. So back around 2000 I created a website to stimulate discussion and experience sharing between similar boat owners over the web.

This trip obviously came to an end when I sold the boat and it is only of sentimental value that I still keep this page which over the years had several transformations. Frontpage was initially used to create it and now the latest change to WordPress.

I plan eventually to upload some info and pictures to be used by other boat owners for the maintenance of their boats. I plan to post also some pictures of trips and experiences we had with my family and friends as a lasting legacy and memoirs for my children to discover as they grow old.

Manos (Emmanouil) Koumiotis