Corinth Canal

The Corinth Canal joined the Saronic Gulf with the Corinthian Gulf in 1893. However, it had been thought of as early as 600 BC by Periander. Since in those days, the technology was not yet available, and wouldn’t be for 2000 years, ships were rolled from one gulf to the other on specially designed ‘roller skates.’

The Canal has a length of about 6.2 km (about 4 miles), and the width is about 25 meters (about 70 feet). Height from sea level reaches about 80 meters (about 240 feet) at places.

I have had the opportunity to cross the canal with various boats in the past and in 1997 we took Efaki with friends to the Ionian Sea for our summer vacations and so we had the chance to see once again this magnificent piece of work. 

To cross it you first get permission by paying the relative fees at the Isthmia toll station and wait for an opening schedule. Usually sailing boats cross it after motor boats which are faster and commercial ships that have priority.

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