Med Mooring

Quite frequently we bow moor in the Med since most anchorages have a fast ascending slope of the seabed that reaches the sea level by the pier. As nobody wants to damage the rudder of his boat which is usually the deepest part of the boat we choose to keep it away from touching the seabed. Apart from this reason also the free space to squeeze in your boat is usually so limited that the stern (and usually the beamier part of the boat) can’t fit in. Last but not least the wash of other boats can contribute to possible damage.

You can see in the above picture Efaki moored at a dock at Spetses Island. Under the bow, the water is about 50cm deep that no way the stern with a depth of the rudder around 1 meter depth could fit. A plank or passerelle is used to help the crew come aboard or leave Efaki. Notice the distance of the bow from the dock to prevent hitting it from the wash of other boats.