Boat History

Mirage 28

Thames Marine a yacht building firm at Canvey Island in Essex UK that was producing the Snapdragon range of boats decided to branch a new brand name in the middle seventies. First came the Mirage 37 and around December of 1975 the Mirage 28. It was offered as a “sports cruiser” suited to a family.

According to a quote of the Boat designer David Feltham derived from Yachting Monthly magazine, the brief that he received when ordered to design the boat was “to create a poor man’s Swan, a tough, modern cruiser with a performance edge at a sensible price”.

Mirage 28 production line started in around 1975-76 and lasted until 1985 when it was replaced by the Mirage 2700. Around 506 boats were built the first 300 of the Mark I version until 1979 when Mirage 28 had a facelift with the Mark II version. This had a modified cockpit and a taller rig following criticisms of poor performance in light airs.

The Mirage 28 incorporated many innovations at her time and was an instant success. It was offered at all stages of completion and so many boats have been owner finished and customized. It was popular with flotillas in the Med and probably EFAKI is one of the boats of “Mirage Holidays” that owned more than 30 boats, arranged in flotillas in various parts of Greece.